Special Guest Lecturers

With such an interesting life and career, there are so many interesting things to learn about Andy Warhol. Please join us for our weekly talks programme with highly-esteemed speakers who will be sharing their expertise in all things Warhol. All talks are free.

Henry Koelsch

Henry is a particular expert in Andy Warhol Limited Edition prints and is associated with one of the largest Pop Art Galleries in the United States. Through this association, he has direct access and control of thousands of “Blue Chip” Pop art prints from a broad range of Contemporary artists.

Henry was raised in rural Kansas and holds a B.S. in Business Finance. His wholesome Midwestern upbringing and financial viewpoint bring both honesty and value to Pop Art acquisition. He has held sales and managerial positions with some of the largest corporations in the United States. His experience negotiating International corporate contracts has given him savvy negotiating skills which result in the best possible value for his customers. Henry is known for his broad smile, quick wit and constant focus on satisfying his many clients’ ever-changing needs.

HenryonPopArt represents numerous artists from the Pop Art era. The beautiful Los Angeles/West Hollywood gallery inventories limited edition prints for sale by blue chip artists including David Hockney, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol.

Jean Wainwright

Jean Wainwright first met Andy Warhol’s family, his brothers, nieces and nephews in 1996 and was able to intensely interview them and gain insights over the last twenty years into many personal aspects of Warhol’s life.

Her PhD was on Andy Warhol’s audio tapes where she was given unique access to a Warhol archive that has been subsequently embargoed. As a writer and academic she has published extensively in the contemporary arts field, as well as appearing on television and radio programmes (including the Today Programme, Channel Four, BBC and The Open University and TAN TV).

As an art critic her practice most prominently features interviews with international artists, photographers, filmmakers and curators. Her entire unedited Audio Arts archive dating from 1996 was acquired in 2006 by the Tate Gallery. Wainwright is based in London. She has curated exhibitions on Warhol and is a Professor at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) where she is Director of the Fine Art & Photography Research Centre.

Joanna Straczowski

Born in Germany, Joanna has lived in the UK for the past five years. With a background in English & American Studies, Art History & Cultural Institutions, she is currently a PhD student at the University of Liverpool’s Philosophy Department.

Her research focuses on the concept of aestheticisation and its significance in the digital age. She is especially interested in the impact that digital technologies and art reproductions have on our aesthetic experiences. In this context, the work of Andy Warhol is especially relevant to her research, as he challenged traditional notions of authenticity in art and was a pioneer in the use of reproduction techniques.

Kevin Zuchowski-Morrison

Kevin is well known in the art industry as one of the world’s leading post-war pop art specialists. His portfolios of clients include a number of major corporations from banking to blue chip companies as well as advising to a number of institutions. Kevin also acts as advisor and consultant to a number of private clients from Europe, the Middle East, the US and China.

As well as post-war pop art, Kevin now works directly with some of the world’s most well known artists, photographers and sculptors. He is also a philanthropist, social entrepreneur, owner of the renowned RISEgallery and founder of number of leading art projects.

Gary Needham

Gary is a faculty member in the Communication and Media department at the University of Liverpool. His key areas of research interest are on experimental, oppositional, and alternative filmmaking histories and practices that range from the American underground and avant-garde, to queer cinemas and other kinds of marginal and outsider cinemas for example, exploitation films and artists’ films.

He is interested in research around the relationship between art and the moving image especially the work of Andy Warhol and other artist-filmmakers, as well as film and identity politics in relation to sexuality and queer theory.

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